Thursday, December 16, 2004

some quotes-01

" In questions of science the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual" - Galileo Galilei

"U can have everything u want if u want it badly enuf. U can be anything u want to be, do anyting u set out to accomplish if u hold to that desire with singleness of purpose" - Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

saree gift

Mak dia lak kasi hadiah saree on saturday 4th dec. Kaler biru muda , something like turqoise and it's silk cloth.

That was the 2nd time i met his family and this time more members i met, like his 3rd bro and his father's youngest bro.

Serious stuff eh....hmmm....

dah sampai ke london

Mama and samihah finally arrived in london on monday 6th dec....ntah laa mebbe sbb aku dah agak skint so tak reserve any transportation and mengharapkan bus and tube jer...mama jatuh kat escalator masa nak ke tube in heathrow, and there were like loadsa luggage, very heavy ones!!!

Anyways, we managed to reach my place safely despite the horrible traffic jam and crowded bus 283. Azizah and waheedah came along to help us frmo the bus stop at my place to carry the luggages upstairs.

The next day just rehat and masak2 jer....

On wednesday, kua to london and made food shopping and cooked some more food.

Thursday, stayed at home and cooked mulukhiya with nasi minyak buah pelaga+ acar.

Friday, went to london again and bought some souvenirs. Came to college in the afternoon...

Saturday after lunch at azizah's, mama and samihah left to birmingham dgn kaklong, isa and asim.

Mlm tu dia dtg and we spent some time together. Watched x-factor too.

Sunday, nothing much.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

DEBTS!!!! aaaarrghhhh

AAAArrrrgghhh.......why why why......i sooooo wish that I am debt-free soon....i wish that i could win some big money so i can clear any debts and will try to avoid creating one as much as i could.......

Last saturday, that libyan guy gave me a frame of ayatul-kursi and a little wooden camel as present from his home country....ape la lagi yg dia nak, i dunno....he just moved to another block, king house today....still trying...poor fella...


My boyfren got mugged on a wednesday night, just 10-15 mins after he rang me and he was walking on a main road in limehouse.....can u imagine that....not only he lost his wallet, he got punched at his right cheekbone as much for the mugging...he said he couldnt do much coz there's also a knife pointing at his neck...he only managed to report it at the nearby police stn....That night, he came over to see me, with a swollen cheek.....poor fella...

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Raya 1st shawal, 13th nov

Lpas solat raya kat msia hall, i went to mawar kol 10am mcm tu....siap la ajak budak2 tu including abg and adek angkat, hekal, mikal, and azizah...dari sana kitorg satu rombongan pi umah hicom. Ramai giler org kat sana, and so la sejok. Ptg tu pi umah wawa...sampai kol 9pm baru la balik umah.

sunday 14th nov

1st time meeting his family....finally....I went there dgn abi...sampai kat All Saints DLR stn at around 12.45pm...waited for him to meet us at the stn, and he finally came at 1pm. So off we went to his place...sampai2 jer, i was greeted with not just his family members but also his auntie's family....I dpt la jumpa his mum, his sister tanjina and her hubby nazeem and daughter keya mayesha, his bros tarik and ebad, his auntie and her 3 daughters: nadia (jerry), nazmeen and farzana and 1 son, rezwan. Food was really good and aplenty. Ptg tu sempat la take pic dgn abi and him, and then dgn his family.

Alhamdulillah, it went fine indeed and diorg siap bekalkan makanan lagi masa nak balik.

friday 12th nov, last day day of ramadhan

Friday, 12th nov, and 29th ramadhan, was the last day of ramadhan. Eid fell on saturday, 13th nov. He finally get in touched with me and we met that evening. We also discussed on when I should be meeting his family for eid. He then decided better make it on sunday to avoid too many people...oh well...good choice pon sbb i knew i'll be everywhere on 1st day of eid after solat raya nanti.

bonfire night

Saturday, 6th nov, me and him supposed to go to bonfire night and fireworks display together...last2 minute dia pi cancel, but i did go ravenscourt park event. It was really awesome...but that evenng i missed him so much.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

msia hall 1st trip together

Yesterday we went for a walk across hyde park-kensington garden and walked to bayswater to have our iftar at msia hall canteen...It was kinda cool, we spent time together during weekday evening and introducing him to some malaysian atmosphere and he met some of my frens as well....He came to my college 1st and we started from there on....

Makan mee bandung n minum teh always, he doesnt eat that much but he "downed" 2 glasses of tea...

After that we went to HMV picadilly and bought 4 DVDs : amores perros, spirited away, carrie and pretty woman.

That same eve we had some kinda "overwhelming" moments together and it's what i would put in as part of our getting more intimate with each other.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

12th ramadhan 1425, tuesday 26th oct 2004

Alhamdulillah dah 9 days i fasted minus the 1st three days of ramadhan because of uzur shar'ie....

Me and him, we managed to have iftaar together last saturday , 23rd oct, and there's even this bangla yoghurt as part of the desserts....hehe....1st time merasa such yoghurt.....ahad lak bukak puasa kat umah rajesh...

Semlm monday he dropped in his ex-laptop bag for me, but it was a tad bit heavy....i just wanna have some kinda lighter bag to carry to college coz the old one was totally ruined...damaged and dah disposed pon....

Man, i love him so much...i hope and pray to allah that it will last forever....ameen...

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

ramadhan 1425

Ramadhan is here again...started last friday 15th oct....but it's only today, monday, 18th oct that i really begin observing ramadhan as what it should be, having finished my menstruation cycle last sunday. I brought my food to college coz there's no announcement about iftaar yet....mebbe because of the earlier iftaar time time, say 6.04pm for today....

OK tak kisa laa...janji ade food...

Last saturday, 16th oct, sakit perut memulas2 plak....sib baik tak puasa time i could get more rest and have some ginger tea as well....ptg tu mkn kat umah rajesh and he made me another ginger tea....pagi ahad baru la terasa much better....took eno that eve....Semlm lak iftar kat bilik waheedah, and that was also the last for hasmy before she's moving on this wednesday to croydon. And after that, me, waheedah and hanis did solat taraweeh congregation together.

I didnt get to see him at all last week...he said he's gonna do so this saturday, but i rasa mcm tawar hati esp bila i didnt get any return call from him since last saturday....lantak la kan...mcm la kita jer kena compromise....he better work harder this time to console me...or otherwise, i just go my way.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

His mum's dish

Nasi pilau sama some kebab, lamb and chicken, bakal mak mertua yg bikin....i must say that was really delicious plus siap ade bekal teh lagi...kelessss....1st time gitu coz i said i wudnt mind tasting his mum's cooking, home made la ala2....and why not? i'm sure if he loves his mum's dishes, so will there u go....

And hehe, dpt ice cream sama wafer skali....harosss laa bikin my own dessert by heating the belgian wafers in the microwave oven, take it out nice and hot, top it with the cote d'or choc ice cream and whipcream...isnt that heaven or what? actually it cud be better if i have some hot choc fudge and use the haagen dazs mix of belgian choc and pralines and cream ice cream.....damn....pure temptation...and oh yes, fattening as doubt at all. Terliur beb!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

brick lane

Hmmm.....we went to brick lane and whitechapel area on saturday 25/09/04....well, basically just wanna see that area through his eyes....coz it's his obviously he knew more about it....we didnt manage to go to his living area much for a 1st adventure towards his area i wud say....biaq pi least i got to see where his cafe is....

Earlier that day we had had our 1st "emotional moment", and i was like ternangis for the 1st time la's just a little misunderstanding about us, he thought that i never really take his words seriously, especially the compliments and why things has to be what it seemed to be for a while for some reasons. I told him i've always understood, it's just that sometimes mcm sajer jer nak sakitkan hati dia in a harmless way.....biasa laa, sensitip now that we knew which from which....kitorg bukan jenis sensitip sgt2, but there are things that we need to know more about each other....and he said, dia terasa pasai he really loves me laaa hehe.....

whitechapel vs north pole road southern fried chicken

Weekend baru2 nih dpt 2 types of fried chicken...satu pedassss nak mamposs from whitechapel, another one from north pole road near wood lane off wormwood scrub supposed to be the nearest walking distance halal fried chicken shop, which is far less spicy....nak kata yg sedap, whitechapel laa tapi level of kepedasan agak laa overwhelming i tell tu jer la besides woteva leftovers of peshwari naan and paneer kulcha (ade cheese lagik, best!) yg lazat....

Time pedas tu mmg la kena togok fresh milk nak kasi reda sket on my tongue and had some yoghurt as well so as not to get some unwanted stomach upset....sabar jer laa....

Basically i am being introduced to more and more of bengali-indian type of food which sone of it i never really dared to buy, afraid it might not taste that good and ended up spending me money for nothing....Most of the time I only buy those that i am more familiar with or at least did experience the taste when me and my frens were out on a dinner at the indian restaurant.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

commitment 03

Again.....commitment issue....PhD and one steady relationship...when i say , i mean seriously steady relationship...ok sounds cheesy and biasa jer tapi thats the thing.....i was a no-string-attached person from 2000-2001 and then beginning 2002 was trial commitment but still aint nothing that serious....summer 2002 till end of that year, nothing that i shud consider as interesting, although during my bday party, 2 guys were dancing with me from front and behind me and both tried to lure me to them...busannnn.....none yg i like pon....whadahell....winter kat msia...early 2003 till april was on another semi-commitment kinda relationship...well at least i was trying....then come summer 2003, had a silly crush to a guy yg dok blakang my umah kat clayponds....sah la jugak tah hapa2....mmg la tak harosssss...guy tu cute tapi hampeh laa , serious nyer hampeh....pastu balik to square 1 till april 2004....hmmm.....this one bengali fella...met in yahoo msger....chat2 laa tapi takde la take him seriously pon, more of dismissing him and stuff like that...pastu kitorg jumpak la kat my college, at the scr....pon just trying to be nice though i think my face mmg nampak la mcm time tu we supposed to watch kill bill 2 together at the cinema but i got stood up mcm babisiallll jer time...fucking out...never was i stood up before....tapi sbb niat kawan2 and sangka baik, lantak pi la kan....rupak2 nya few weeks after that dia call la, bapak dia meninggal arituh.....ok la dimaafkan...still, from telecommunication point of view, an SMS wud be suffice to convey such msg. Sabar jer laa aku....

May lak si arab libya, a doctor doing research specialising on liver started an affair with me sorta...well nothing i wud say srious pon....skali tu after 3 weeks, si mangkok ayon nih pi confess that he actually got engaged with his fellow lady kat libya...mmg celaka la kan.....and the next day plak, si bengali nih pi confessed his feelings lak to me....apekejadah sumer jantan2 ni....sah gila! tapi i still kept that bengali email pasai what he wrote tu kinda sweet sebenarnya....

Sib baik aku tak delete email bengali tu, coz 3 months later we hit it off this time as boyfriend-girlfriend.....he's seemed persistent, gentleman and most of all, he never took advantage of me....he got me a DVD too, title Hum tum....sweet of him to do so....3 weeks after that, i plak la reply that May email, kalau dia kata he wanted to understand that four letter word (love) with me, i told him i'd like to learn to understand the 3 words (i love u) with him there u go...little bit of my relationship story, of how it began and all.

Alhamdulillah we r still together and going strong....jumpa pon jarang on average once per week, talk on the fon pon jarang, kalau ade pon kejap2 jer...he's busy and so do i....I hope and pray that this relationship will embark into another level and that one day we will get married and settle down and so on...and begin our marriage story pulak, me and him....I dunno why i tak plak freaked out or getting all sort of anxiety when it comes to marriage thingy.....if kitorg mmg ade jodoh, insha allah we'll end up together.....

Friday, September 17, 2004

commitment 02

We have been a serious couple since 18/08/04 and i hope and pray that this commitment is an everlasting one.....gotta finish my PhD 1st before we embark into another more serious level of commitment: marriage.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


That word can either cause fear or excitement in me....