Tuesday, November 30, 2004

DEBTS!!!! aaaarrghhhh

AAAArrrrgghhh.......why why why......i sooooo wish that I am debt-free soon....i wish that i could win some big money so i can clear any debts and will try to avoid creating one as much as i could.......

Last saturday, that libyan guy gave me a frame of ayatul-kursi and a little wooden camel as present from his home country....ape la lagi yg dia nak, i dunno....he just moved to another block, king house today....still trying...poor fella...


My boyfren got mugged on a wednesday night, just 10-15 mins after he rang me and he was walking on a main road in limehouse.....can u imagine that....not only he lost his wallet, he got punched at his right cheekbone as well....so much for the mugging...he said he couldnt do much coz there's also a knife pointing at his neck...he only managed to report it at the nearby police stn....That night, he came over to see me, with a swollen cheek.....poor fella...

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Raya 1st shawal, 13th nov

Lpas solat raya kat msia hall, i went to mawar kol 10am mcm tu....siap la ajak budak2 tu including abg and adek angkat, hekal, mikal, and azizah...dari sana kitorg satu rombongan pi umah hicom. Ramai giler org kat sana, and so la sejok. Ptg tu pi umah wawa...sampai kol 9pm baru la balik umah.

sunday 14th nov

1st time meeting his family....finally....I went there dgn abi...sampai kat All Saints DLR stn at around 12.45pm...waited for him to meet us at the stn, and he finally came at 1pm. So off we went to his place...sampai2 jer, i was greeted with not just his family members but also his auntie's family....I dpt la jumpa his mum, his sister tanjina and her hubby nazeem and daughter keya mayesha, his bros tarik and ebad, his auntie and her 3 daughters: nadia (jerry), nazmeen and farzana and 1 son, rezwan. Food was really good and aplenty. Ptg tu sempat la take pic dgn abi and him, and then dgn his family.

Alhamdulillah, it went fine indeed and diorg siap bekalkan makanan lagi masa nak balik.

friday 12th nov, last day day of ramadhan

Friday, 12th nov, and 29th ramadhan, was the last day of ramadhan. Eid fell on saturday, 13th nov. He finally get in touched with me and we met that evening. We also discussed on when I should be meeting his family for eid. He then decided better make it on sunday to avoid too many people...oh well...good choice pon sbb i knew i'll be everywhere on 1st day of eid after solat raya nanti.

bonfire night

Saturday, 6th nov, me and him supposed to go to bonfire night and fireworks display together...last2 minute dia pi cancel, but i did go alone...to ravenscourt park event. It was really awesome...but that evenng i missed him so much.