Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rachel Weisz: Talents in a beauty package

Oscar 2007 has had its final curtain last Sunday, 25 Feb, and those results have been announced. There were some few major surprises, but overall, it's almost predictable. Forest Whitaker and Dame Helen Mirren won the best actor and actress for their political and emotional portrayal of Idi Amin and Queen Elizabeth II while Alan Arkin and Jennifer Hudson (of american idol reject) won the best supporting actor and actress. All four have never won any Oscar before.

Anyways, looking at, I was mesmerized by Rachel Weisz beauty and charms. She was 2006 best actress for her gritty act in Constant Gardener alongside Ralph Fiennes. Below are her photos taken from that website. It's not the 1st time i am blown away by her natural beauty. She became famous as the love interest and the heroin in The Mummy and Mummy Returns. It's just that every year she became prettier and prettier.

I'll continue with more on Rachel Weisz soon but in the meantime, have a look at the 4 pictures, which i have selected from the oscar website specially for your view. On a personal note, thank you, Sir Gab for your concerns. I was busy, and then had arguments in the family since last CNY, didnt speak much to my mum since then, but in spite of all that, i "debugged and rebooted" myself by driving at night around KL and spent last weekend at a friend's place n managed to continue those nightlife (nocturnal) activities with her and her guy buddy at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa watching and taking pics of the Eye of Malaysia. SAjer nak tulis ayat panjang2.