Saturday, August 25, 2007

Unknown status of Manal Ismail

What is it that is so bothering people about my status: single????

I am quite happy the way life is and I am quite grateful of what I have had so far and I am aspiring to achieve more and more in the near future for the betterment of my life.

I am not quite as what people perceive me as. I may look demure sometimes in my full office customs: tudung, baju kurung/ baju kebaya/ blouse and skirt/ blouse and slacks/ 3 inches heels/ 1 inch heels/ and I arrange them with some matching colour coordination whichever suits my taste and mood. But do not prejudge me just by what dress u see me in. I tried as much as possible to not expose a lot of flesh to the public but I also don some certain trendy tops and jeans that show off my curves. Heck I am voluptious and I am proud of my curves. The thing is a lot of men and women out there who are so not-very-sharp in looking at my physique. Just because i wear loose baju kurung, they think: "hey u put on weight". But then when i am in my casual (sometimes hawt) attire, i received some unusualy positive remarks like: "wow u look good", or "u lost a lot weight" or they just thought that i am an undergraduate, taken for an undergraduate, a fresh face at a company and so on.

I do not wreck any married people's marriage and I am certainly do not intend to do so even if a married man is bagging at my feet to accept him (ptuiihhh pi mampossss, pi balik to ur wife la, kalau tak suka dia sgt, divorce her or marry somebody else, and stop buggering me OK, comprende? capisci? katalavez? fahimta? faham? understand? samjay? and padan moka hang kawen that kinda lady)

I am thinking of getting married once i have sorted out some of the more IMPORTANT things first and foremost like trying to clear some overdraft and credit card debts and rebuilding my savings. And a few more other things like losing weight, revitalise myself, enjoying my freedom, and some few more things. I am not your normal 31 years old woman who is wallowing in self-pity for being unmarried and all. I have only started to really, really get to be in the man-woman affair and all things pertaining to it when i was 23. Although my first date was way back when i was 17, I have not totally blossomed into a full woman of integrity and one hawt woman not until 23 and above. I struggled to appreciate the best things about being a woman having grown up as a tomboyish tomboy (not exactly a tomboy but I dont like a lot of girly things and i was kinda rough). And once i knew how wonderful it was to be a woman in my own way, i see a bright future ahead and i see a LOT of new exciting things. After all, God created women equipped with their own very special strengths, intelligence and capabilities that (almost) do not exist in men.

I am a normal woman albeit one of a kind. I used to have some dark fantasies (well, not necessarily dark, but to conservatives and social conformists, they may take it as one) but I am making my own efforts to be a good muslimah in my OWN way. So dont u go blast me with woteva hell of holy scriptures u may wanna think of coz i am pretty much EDUCATED. You wanna go blabla about it, be a smart or equal to me and do it with hikmah and mau'izatul hasanah. Otherwise, shut ur gob and piss off.

You think that I have been missing a lot? Nope, certainly not, in fact, I am most certainly advanced and full of knowledge of anything to do with desire and sex education. I love to share the knowledge rather than listening to some people bragging about it. But i rather keep them to myself except to the man i love and very few openminded close friends who are not gonna be that judgmental and they are actually wanted to discuss on a certain issue relating to it in the name of knowledge.

I am enjoying learning so many things, God knows. And I know a lot of things about married life, kids, the upbringing process and so on. I may have to experience the labour pains, giving birth, and all that but i am a fast learner and a curious one too. I am not ashamed in asking anybody who i think knows better to be able to learn new things, and that include just about anything that i find interesting or am curious at, like learning more on web design, pc, car, chemical engineering stuff, new gadgets, and many2 more. I have been independent since I am 3 years old and getting better ever since.

I was sceptical about marriage in my early 20s and I was only beginning to accept the idea of it in my late 20s. I do not feel old (although sometimes i do get backpains, kneepains and stuff) and i act according to my age (sometimes i feel like i am older and sometimes i am like younger than my peers). I am ever so grateful that I did not get married in my early 20s.

Waiting for the right man???? N-O: NO. Preparing to settle down with the right man for me more likely. I saw couples at my friend's daughter's birthday party today, most came with 1, 2, 3 kids or more. And most couples are average looking people, or their wives looked better or both the husbands and wives deserved each other, none the better looking. Some are bloody smug married couple , like i give a fuck innit? I am not implying that I deserve a very good-looking man or anything like that, but of course, he would match my looks and my wisdom (yo bengal tiger, r u reading this? must rebuff ur physique a bit, love). He may or may not earn a PhD degree but his life experience and his passion towards his career building equal or higher than what i am.

When am I getting married??? There is this already-written-by-God thing and there is also when-do-i-feel-like-i-want-it-to.

Inlaws? I dont give much a toss on this. I am sometimes elusive, repulsive, impulsive, compulsive and an enigma to my family and u r expecting me to be goody2 very caring daughter/sister inlaw? U good to me, I good to u. U mess with me, u be very sorry (simple principle innit?). Call me self absorbed, but who the hell would u please other than urself first of all. And to love urself more too. I am so non-conformist, many typical malay guys would get scared of this. No laaa....not like i am gonna make ur parents's life a living hell. I am like Jennifer Lopez in Monster-Inlaw. Loving but with cautious and conscience. I had enuf with guilt-ridden for nothing. U cant please everyone so why dont u please urself first? As Mark Twain once quoted: "All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure". If u keep worrying wot everyone wants u to be or to do or woteva things they bitch/think about u, u aint going no where but definitely heading down the misery lane.

Am I beautiful? Yes (though overweight). Am I a good person? Yes. Then why am I not married yet? Because I lead/design my life the way I want it and not for you to dictate what u feel about me and this include my mother who has always been worried sick of this second daughter of hers. I always pray to Allah for her longevity and good life and she will be able to see each and every one of us settling down, having babies and all. Ameen. So far, four are already married out of her nine children and 3 of the married ones bore her grandchildren.

OK, lega....just venting out my disappointment.

*Dont care if u disagree or anything. Look after ur own life and family first before yap-yapping somebody else like some holier-than-thou.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Introducing Dr.Brian May of Queen

Many congratulations to Brian May on his PhD degree conferment!

More on this, click here.

It goes to show that not all rockers are not techie or not so much of an intellectual. In other words, there are a few brilliant ones and Brian May is definitely one of them who managed to join the celebrity intelligent echelon. He , together with Farrokh Bulsara (or more widely known to the world as Freddy Mercury) and drummer Roger Taylor formed the rock band Queen while he was still in his undergraduate at Imperial College in 1970 . After nearly 4 decades, he made the college proud again for displaying such a perseverance on completing his PhD studies.

Here's saluting you, Brian for this sweet victory even if you are already 60 years old.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

that videoclips by namewee and kenny sia

Negaraku version :

And another one, kawanku:

To Wee Meng Chee: your singing not bad...and when u sing the negaraku, it sounds ok to me, and u look pretty much "malay"-blended to me.

I ni pon kadang2 dunno how to distinguish between which is which, a lot of melayu look like mamak, like chinese, to me they are all east asian communities mixing together and living together and eat the same dishes (nasi lemak, roti canai, etc). They marry each other, chinese become muslims, indian become muslims, there are muslim chinese by birth, muslim indians by birth and so on....

And have u not heard 'God Save the Queen' sex pistol version?

Did she the queen herself put all of them johnny rotten n the gang in prison and force them to apologize before the world? she was mocked and that song became like the 2nd national anthem of the late 70s and did she go "kuku" over that? surely she knew they're taking the piss but she was and still is the HRH Queen of Britannia....

My point here is: take it with a pinch of salt. All that he said aint new but what is new is how he managed to youtube his talent and made negaraku-ku a global vista.

Plus, he's in taiwan, and taiwaneses are bold in their political speeches. Talking about being patriotic the taiwan way.

I'm openminded enuf to listen to those youtube, but are u?


Amidst all that namewee most talked about videoclips, kenny sia responded with his own version, go watch it:

But Kenny, why more chinese schools???? sure, more and more malay kids go to SJKC and SMJKC but doncha think we should go for sekolah kebangsaan with chinese classes instead??? how much longer do we need all these silly segregations if we continue all these social dividing at primary and secondary school levels? I know it's tough but prolly another 10 years or so, I anticipate a better harmonious merge. Lets do more integrasi schools then as option. As in sekolah agama rendah, which managed to get integrated into government schools and so should the chinese schools (as well as tamil schools) integrated into government schools as well.

I teach all chinese, tamil and malay mongrel kids at my university and i treat all fair and square. Some of my chinese ex-students even during my tutor time are still in touch. Heck, i am bloody globalised innit? the proclaimed citizen of the world, innit babe* (the bengal tiger dude).

Friday, August 17, 2007

kisah baskin-robbins

Yeayyy....i managed to replace those missing ramadhan days recently and how did i celebrate after iftar?? Two large scoops of baskin-robbins ice creams: 1 scoop of Pralines and Cream and another 1 scoop of Chocolate mousse royale.

If i was in london or UK in general, i would definitely buy me some haagen-dazs pralines and cream and ben & jerry's chocolate fudge brownie, 1 pint tub each, and scoop meself some bits of each ice creams while putting on some feelgood movies or chick flicks DVDs. And if I could spare some few extra quids, i would also add in the ice cream bowl those delish strawberry haagen-dazs ice cream to perfect things up. Or I could top those pralines and choc fudge brownie with strawberry coulis.

Thank goodness we still have some good quality ice creams sold here. I was kinda disappointed that Haagen-Dazs did not continue importing most of its european ice creams here and instead leaving it to their indonesian branch to sell some strangely concocted and not so very authentic ones....And we dont have Ben & Jerry's too????? WTF.....I am not a big ice cream eater or anything but I prefer the quality ones if I really wanna gorge on them. OK la exceptional case goes for the RM 1.00 ice creams cones at either Carrefour or Jaya Jusco. And of course, Walls solero.

Mid-september to mid-october gonna be ramadhan month again.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Puasa Ganti

Kenapa la agaknya puasa ganti terasa macam perlahan sahaja berbanding dengan puasa di bulan ramadhan? Nak puasa sunnat pun tidaklah banyak cabarannya macam puasa ganti. Dah la nak kena bangun sahur sorang2....sebab kalau tak bangun sahur nanti terasa penat sepanjang hari.

Itu sahaja, sekian terima kasih.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Jana Gana Mana: National Indian Anthem 50 years independency

When I watch this videoclip, it brings tears to my eyes. The effect will be heightened if you listen to it with eyes closed and let your ears and feelings do their magics. You probably need to understand some of the lyrics but trust me, the way some of the Indian biggest veteran artists carry the tune are heartfelt :

I hope we Malaysian can produce something poignant like this clip for our beloved Negaraku national anthem in conjunction with our very own 50 years independency this coming 31 August 2007.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Caning sentence for drug dealers

We know that it is already gruesome the blackmaria punishment at the gallows for those who committed drug trafficking offences in malaysia (i think this punishment is for trafficking a certain amount of class A illegal drugs). In other words, it is a mandatory death sentence for those who is found guilty of drug trafficking charges in Malaysia.

Just today, I found this in Daily Mail: Corporal punishment: caning . It includes a LiveLeak videoclip (an online videoclip sharing site similar to a youtube concept) that shows a Malay drug dealer getting 20 rotan lashes on his buttock for the drug crime. The six-minute clip entitled Malaysian Caning Judicial Corporal Punishment was intended as a public educational message clip or rather, a strong reminder that flogging will be carried out to anyone who dares to commit such a crime.

Be warned that it is a rather graphic clip.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Jump-start the car: please!

Last monday, 30 July 2007, I came to work in the midst of slightly heavy rainy morning. Struggling to get my handbag and my document case out of the car while still holding an umbrella (ella ella eh eh eh....rihanna that is), i closed my car door without realising that i have left those pair of smaller headlights on. I clicked the alarm button and left in a haste into the faculty block. Not an alarm sound made by my Toyota Vios 1.5G car but the usual locked indicator sound. Like any other occassion, i thought, for a short glance, that the car was left on a safe mode.

It was a long day at work that monday and I left the building at around 6.30pm. As I walked towards my car, clicked the security alarm to unlock it, but no "open" sound came from it at all. I walked right next to the car, clicked again and still to no avail. I decided then to check all the side windows and anything else including the tyres just to see if anything might have contributed to it. But still nothing. My car looked like in a mint condition (physically speaking).

Right....just unlocked the door manually i said, and so i inserted my car key and turned it anti-clockwise. As the car door opened in a complete silent, not even breaking the alarm at all, i suspected at once that my car battery must have konked out. i remember....i must have left those lights on resulting in the battery gone dead. Even the immobiliser was dead. A battery-dead car.

What should i do...??? At 6.40pm, nearing maghrib time, the dusk was so near and I must think fast. It's already past office hour and i doubt the car workshops nearby were still open. Yuppp, call the auto-assist. It's free innit as it came together with the comprehensive car insurance package. Just as i hung up my mobile after making an arrangement for the insurance company to contact the nearest workshop panel to my location, i saw one of our faculty technicians walking towards his Avanza MPV. Not knowing what his name was, I called to him anyway,

"assalamualaikum, excuse me encik, ade jumpstart cable kit tak?".

He turned to look at me, smiling and told me that he might know somebody who has it.

"Tolong pi carik dia encik",

as I pleaded him to go find the other guy to bring the cables there. Off he went without any hesitation.

While waiting for the technician and possibly the mechanic from the panel workshop, I sat down next to my car hoping that everything will be fine soon. I tried not to call my parents as I believed that i can sort it out meself. Then I saw one of my lecturer colleagues, Dr.SrA, who was about to leave and waved at him to stop his car. He came out and asked me what was wrong, and so i asked him the same question i asked that technician previously. Like maybe so many people, he didnt carry the cables in his honda stream MPV and called his RA (research assistant) who kept the key to the engine lab at mechanical engineering department. Unfortunately, at that wee hour, the RA has left the building leaving me to place my hopes on the first technician and perhaps, the panel workshop mechanic.

Dr.SrA was waiting with me at the car park. He rang a few other people that he thought would possess those jump-start cables. Just a few minutes after that, the technician returned with our office maintenance fella and told me that they managed to get someone with those cables. Apparently those two fellas were in the middle of playing badminton when i first saw him near his Avanza.

A few other faculty staffs stopped at the scene and immediately it looked like some kind of an accident scene as the onlookers began chatting with those three fellas who stood not far from my car. At that moment I was actually rather relieved and pleased that help was on its way.

At last, the one with the cables came driving his car towards the front of my car and asked me to lift the bonnet up. Without further ado, he quickly took those cables out of his car and began connecting those cables skillfully at each negative and postive points on my dead battery to his fully functioning battery. While doing that, he asked me whether my car has passed the 1 year old age or not. I told him that by the end of this week, it will reach its first 12 months and then asked whats the relevance of it. He then suggested that it was about time that i replace the battery with a new one.

Actually, I've known about this battery replacement 7 weeks earlier when i send my car for its 3rd servicing. The toyota executive has already reminded me on that especially after the first dead-battery incident end of May. It was due to the car being left at the porch for over 2 weeks without any engine warm ups. Silly me as i did not unplug the battery first before leaving to the UK in early May.

As I turned on the ignition, my car was alive once again. I had to leave it on for a few minutes to warm the engine up and to ensure that everything was back to normal. Shortly after that, the panel workshop mechanic came over and saw to it that the work has been done. I still had to fill in and sign the auto-assist form as a proof to my car insurance company that the car has been sorted out.

It was really amazing the sense of camaraderie that were displayed by my faculty tehcnicians and colleague even though i did not know those technicians' names. I recognized their faces though. As i thanked them for their kindness, I went asking their names too....ala2 sessi ta'aruf giteww....They all laughed and said that they all knew me all along even during my tutor time back in 2000-2001 before i left for my PhD studies. Dear oh dear...tak sangka fofuler gak aku nih, hehe...

I made my way home with smiles all over me face. Thank God that I managed to get an immediate help and thank God that there are so many good, reliable people around me.
If somebody actually caught me doing that in the car, they wouldve thought that I was like over the moon in love or something the way i smiled. Such was a blissful feelings.

Here's a video clip of what u need to know about how to jump-start a car:

VideoJug: How To Jump Start A Car

Senja pon berlalu nan indah.....