Thursday, July 03, 2008

Masih Ada Yang Sayang Padaku....

And so the day has come....

Mama and Baba

Big Smile on a Morning Cruise down Musi River, Palembang

This is the time of the year where the number of my age changes. Obviously it is increasing but I am very grateful to God nonetheless for all His blessings and that I am still alive and kicking.

I made a new change today. I woke up rather early and had an early breakfast, a sahur really. I intended to make a puasa sunat (optional fasting) today while observing Rajab. I have never fasted on a day like this before. I reckon I want to try something new and at the same time it gives me some sort of peace and serenity in a spiritual way. It was not a good day in 2006 and in 2007 it didn't fare much either anyhow. And so I hope my luck will get better this year. One thing for sure, my little but took a year rift with my mother has gone into patching up mode and we are rekindling the mother-daughter relationship steadily. Yet, I went from cheerful to less friendly with a certain people in my family too that includes sisters and inlaws. But I am very much at peace this year so far (inshallah, by God's will) than the previous (sometimes rocky, sometimes stifling, sometimes boring) 2 years.

I pray that I will keep on getting better and better, fitter, smarter and wiser each year.

And for this day, I pray that my wishes will come true. Ameen.