Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Speak in the name of thy god and you will be spared

This news is from the BBC (click here. It is about a cock (a rooster to those who loves the double meaning of this very word) who crows "allah" when it was about to be slaughtered and it happened in the Central Asia, in a country called Kyrgyzstan. This is not just some hearsay because it did happen to other part of the world as well. Stories about a cow talking to his muslim master in its master's mother tongue, telling him about some sort of a reminder was quite popular in the 90s.

To me, it is a good way to remind myself that God is ever the All Mighty Creator and He sends His Signs to his Slaves (that's the human, esp his Worshippers) in ways whichever He Desires.

Friday, March 24, 2006

perodua kelisa: the worst car in the world?

This may sound a bit harsh but I think car manufacturers in malaysia must understand the phrase "Quality Control & management" when it comes to making a car/vehicles for the public. It is not that all malaysian made cars are very bad. Some of them are built to just make them mobile n that is it. Ok the price is somewhat within the reasonable spectrum, but that does not give the ultimate excuse of producing a car for those who has not but a very few choices due to limited financial condition.

Dont just take my word on this...u may want to click here for a comment on Perodua Kelisa . I've seen the british program called "Top Gear" on BBC 2 (malaysian can catch this program on BBCworld channel on ASTRO). The main host, Jeremy Clarkson did actually blew up that kelisa car out of sheer frustration. He is so well known for being down right brusque yet brutally honest when giving reviews on cars. He testdrives them 1st and then he'll come up with whatever comments he deems appropriate. When something is bad, he'll just tell it off without much of hesitations. U might want to view more of his comments here on other type of cars.

Dont get me wrong. I am proud to see my own country made cars around, and i might be owning one of them (proton or perodua products). Still, i find it a bit of a letdown whenever they come up with a new product which is below the satisfactory scale. It may defeat the purpose of having a car that u urself wud love to hate but u r unable to abandon it for , reasons. It is as if u r forced to be married in an "arranged marriage" style, where u the son or daughter has very little say as to whom u r marrying to, and when u r married to that person, it's not so very easy to get out of it without both family's intrusions. But the good part of it is, if u have accepted such condition with open heart and u'd hoped that ur parents arent that silly enough to match u with someone not ur cuppa tea,then u'd end up learning to love ur partner the more u know him/her. And this comparison goes the same to the malaysian made cars....

Friday, March 17, 2006

Concorde hailed as the top 20th century british design

When I was staying in South Ealing, W5 4RD, London back in 2001-2003, I used to see the concorde at a reasonable eye view soaring across the sky from the comfort of my own bedroom...and then in June 2002, during the Queen's jubilee, again the concorde flew across the sky marking the pride of britain in aviation technology. Now, it's no longer in service ever since that doomed crash in France ( near paris, click here for the news back in january 2003.

Nevertheless, it was hailed as the top british design of the 20th century ( click here). Although it now becomes a museum property, Concorde never cease to impress me. Those deep droning sounds, big delta wings...alas, i never had the chance to ride in it. Probably by the time another supersonic aeroplane is created, it'll be made affordable to the public unlike the very costly concorde flight ticket.

Speaking of fast planes, one would only dream of taking one "joyride" in some superfast, mach 5 and over speed jet fighters like stealth bomber. And unfortunately, it is yet a dream come true for me.

And i have chosen: Jaring FLITE

Hmmm....tomorrow, i'm going to MidValley Megamall, near bangsar, KL to collect the Jaring Flite broadband package from Anjung Internet Jaring, IT World. I've already bought the phone line extension to connect the ADSL to our home mains phone hub. If everything goes well, it'll be my 1st ever broadband connection experience in malaysia. I've done dial-ups and LAN before...Good thing i didn't trade off my old network card and its cable which i bought 4 yrs ago when i 1st did my LAN connection from my own pc. Learning about new technologies always seemed fun to me and yet it can be challenging as well....oh well, which part of learning new things could be considered easy, one may wonder. It actually gives me some sort of a drive towards finding more about what i don't know and the courage to ask those who knew more.

I still remember back in autumn-winter 1998 in bradford, uk, during my 1st degree studies. I needed a pc at home so badly but still wasnt that confident enuf to manage one by myself. So i spoke to many people, those of whom i thought were computer savvies....Of all these people, i got my own revelation from my old friend, Fadzil. He was studying in manchester that time. I started with just some idle chat about computing and then he hit me with some questions about what a computer is all about from the hardwares to the softwares. I was all but clueless about what is a motherboard n so on. We talked n talked for nearly 3 hours over the fon and it all made sense to me....Computers aren't that difficult and neither do they are scary tools. They just need u to handle them wisely.

The confidence to get to know about computers which were more than just a tool to write ur stuff on or to browse through the internet just kept going on and on and on....and so, i made my own initiatives to read more about computers from the mags, asked more questions about it and many more....i even taught my housemates that time on how easy it was to download those chatting softwares like mIRC (downloading method from the internet was taught by another fren of mine, mat yie back in april 1998). That was also those times when i thought men/boys were so much better as a teacher than women when it comes to technical knowledge. They were so much patient than women, but this does not mean that i am making a generalised statement.What i meant was, majority of men are better in sharing technical knowledge than women, but when a woman figured about it, she became a natural in conveying the info as well as teaching them. Do I make sense to you? Anyways, I bought my 1st pc from huddersfield in winter 1998, not a very spohisticated one but enuf to cater for the necessary jobs from using Office Excel, Words, Powerpoint to using the internet of course. That old pc of mine is still alive at my dad's office. Even without a USB port, it gave my dad the opportunity to know the basics of what a computer can do.

Once the broadband is installed, i hope to be able to spend more time on HTML stuff and as always, my 1st place to practise is on this blogspot.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Jaring FLITE vs Streamyx TMNet

Hmmmm.....tough choice between which network provider should i instal at home!!! I am beginning to feel desperate to have my home pc connected to the internet at home....To date, that jaring and TMNet are the only providers in choice, i must say....At the mo i m trying to find out more about both companies. THe latest findings, jaring offers RM79 for 1.0Mbs broadband with free ADSL modem, free phone line (MY015) connected using Jaring's tarrif on top of the main Telekom (streamyx provider flagship company) as well as free AntiVirus. Streamyx on the other hand, is directly connected to the main phoneline provider and has somewhat bigger dominance in malaysia. For RM88, Streamyx offers equivalent bandwidths (1.0Mbs) yet without a modem. That means i have to either purchase the ADSL modem from them or trying to get my own modem from the authorized dealers. Otherwise, I have to pay RM99 which of course include its modem.

Paying the streamyx bills are somehow much more convenient than jaring as i can just do that at the local post office. But then again, i should also apply the credit cards so i cud sort out my billings online. Trouble in msia is, i must get used to the idea that only Credit cards are allowed on any online transactions. That was so different when i was in the UK where i had more choices to either use my own savings bankcard with marked Maestro (or SOLO to some account holders) or of course, using a credit card when paying online.

At the end of the day, it's the malaysian system that i need to adapt. There is obviously a lot of things i need to know and learn while coping my life here in malaysia, my home country. THere's this malay proverb to describe such thing and it's translated as: "rain of gold in the foreign countries, yet rain of stones in one's own country, the better choice should be where one's belong to, that is one's own country".