Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dreams are like my signs and premonitions

It may be like a miracle bestowed upon me based on my truest and deepest faith to God (albeit can be a bit mischievous and stubborn of a lady), but dreams are and have been like an almost a true source of premonition, of things that would be predicted to happen, things that are actually going on and so on, a link between 2 souls who loved each other so much, or a sort of a demonstration of how much i was disappointed with a person, a good or bad omen, etc. Well,some are just forgettable, meaningless dreams, faceless, shambled and disarrayed. Quite a few times i became some friends to some big names in Hollywood too. That include having a dream with Brad Pitt (3 times but not in a row but not that far ahead the gap of the sequence either, and I am not a big fan of his ) who befriended me and told me he was having problems with one of his former girlfriends, Gwyneth Parltrow (now the wife of Chris Martin of Coldplay). Not long after that i read in the news and saw on the tv on their breakup.

Alhamdulillah i very seldom getting nightmares but I can never forget the last one I had back in October 2005 after my viva. In it I saw a ghostly lady figure who had tormented a family in malaysia while i was still in London. Boy, did I relay that message to them and how thankful they were for having foretold such premonition despite receiving such warning that it may well be an act of a sihr (voodoo and all those black magic evil things). Scary siotttt I tell thee. No, nothing of a vampire or that sort. But that lady "tried" to fight with me in the dream that ended with the victory on my side. She appeared to be of a half woman, half serpent apparition and I sort of "killed" her. And in that dream too, her "father" came to me so furious that he got so balistic that I was his daughter's "brutal" killer. I can actually still remember him shouting at me :"Pembunuh! Kau pembunuh! Kau bunuh anak aku!" (Murderer! You are a murderer! You killed my daughter!) . Truth be told, such sihr did try to disturb the family's peace and what I have seen in the dream were actually real evil people who tried to do black magic to them. And that was actually my first ever experience that I really wish I wont have to go through it again, ever!

No, i didnt end up having a Harry Potter scar either.

Dreams like these have helped me to go through so many odds and obstacles when it comes to having a relationship with the opposite sex. How i prayed and wished silently what would be the outcome as my instincts began telling me we were not meant for each other, that it was merely infatuati0n or gap filler or that we have crossed our lines from being just ordinary mates to something else and it didnt feel right or as matter of fact, didnt go that well.

Dreams have also been a likely indication and an almost real connection between myself and maybe my mum, or my exes, and so on. I one time woken in my dream to see my dad "appeared" in my old en suite room in Vellacott House, Du Cane Road (west london). He was asking for my health and was like looking at me hoping i am doing well and all. It was so very real that in that dream i was like just awaken , lifting up my duvet upon hearing the sound of my dad in the room. That was just an example of the many true premonition or indication of the feelings that reconnect two close souls.

I dreamt how one of my exes,of whom i had the closest most intimate relationship thus far, the east london fella, about how much he loved me and how much he had wanted to be with me, and the part where we were both in his mother's homeland and so on. Amazingly, he did go there after like 6 months or so of those dreams, recurring ones even but at a different spot. And strangely enough, even though i have never been there, i actually saw things as if i was there. And those places are real.

I dreamt one time i met that ex through a newly found friend of mine and it so happened that she was his new girl. It was about 3 months or so since our last fallout and in that dream he didnt even wanna look at me. That "girl" seemed so nice, that she prepared snacks, food and all for me as her guest. And by the time i was about to leave, i asked her which bus would take me to central london. Coz once i am there i will be just fine on finding my way around. She and that ex discussed in front of me, his eyes never really met mine, and they settled on either bus route 53 or 26. Strange enough, once i woke up (in my parents house in Bangi, Malaysia), I quickly went through the bus map and found out that both routes indeed came from east london and their last terminal would be around trafalgar sq and somewhere near The Strand.

And those were only dreams.

I also dreamt how much that ex kept coming towards me, from the end of last year trying to woo me again and so on, and i kept pushing him away, ignoring him and the whole shebang.

And I also dreamt that my soon to be ex was not really that bloody serious with me. A coward and a self absorbed man he can be, but a caring one too. OK I am a bit of a self-absorbed person too but with more sensibility and in a positive way. We both have yet to really fall in love and now we are already growing apart. All because his family opposed my existence in his life and he had had the audacity to tell me that he just could not love me to fight for both of us to be together. Boohooo....what a fucking retard. Good thing i never really bow down and surrendered my feelings to him too. I am just too posh and an ice queen . I need reassurance and he failed to do so almost miserably. I didnt even shed one tear, ok i lied, just one tear drop and its all sunshine again.

In that dream, both of us visited a girl mate at another country (the scene was supposed to be somewhere in Spain). I was about to tell them the fact that many Greek people can be a bit too into their own kind when I saw him kissing her cheek fondly and held up the tip of her chin and looking at each other's eyes lovingly. That dream ended there. I woke up with some feelings that something aint going fine soon and I am ready to accept the outcome. Not that I dont sense that things were getting more obvious that we were slowly drifted in the different current direction....

It is never a full stop "quest" and "an adventure" to find the one who will truly loves me and ask for my hand and so on and he is in the rightful mind, stable, likeminded and shares many similar thingssssss (that many ssss is meant for soooooo many things i am not bothered to spell out further ). Even though the east londoner ex was so deep into me, he was still struggling to make ends meet and that he has issues with his family. Somehow i also dreamt that I saw him as a successful entrepeneur that he had always wished for and I would not mind extending a friendship with him knowing that he can never get me out of his head....I am like a force of nature or so it is.

Honestly, I am happy that my guardian angels and God love me so much. And i have never stopped believing that He has the best laid plan for me.

And my mum is trying her luck again to try to match me up with some fella known to be a friend of a member of our family. Sabar jer laa....heck who knows, her persistence may soon hit the jackpot, wallahu a'lam (And Allah knows more).

No matter how awkward it can be at times, I did stay as friends with those exes.....(many that have remained friends)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Octuplets and Federer got Hitched

For reading pleasure:

News #1 :

An army of nannies and a frenzy of feeding... as the last of the octuplets comes home from hospital, life in the Suleman home

Source of news, click here.

Having six children to care for would give any mother sleepless nights.

But that was before Nadya Suleman gave birth to octuplets in January - bringing the total number of her brood up to 14.

The last of the octuplets, Jonah, was released from hospital last night. Jonah weighed just 1 pound, 8 ounces (0.67 kilograms). Hospital officials say he now weighs 4 pounds, 10 ounces (2.09 kilograms), and is able to bottle feed.

Nadya Suleman and six of her babies

In residence: Nadya Suleman and the six babies that have come home so far. Josiah joined his brothers and sisters shortly after this picture was taken, Jonah is yet to come home from hospital

News #2:

Source of news, click here. They have their own blog too, click here:

Roger Federer marries long-term girlfriend in intimate ceremony

Tennis star Roger Federer tied the knot with his long-term girlfriend over the Easter weekend.

The 13-times Grand Slam winner married Mirka Vavrinec in an intimate ceremony in his home town of Basel, Switzerland.

He broke the news on his official website.

Roger Federer and Mirka Vavrinec

Married: Roger Federer and Mirka Vavrinec tied the knot in Basel, Switzerland

On Saturday, Federer, 27, wrote: 'Earlier today, in my hometown of Basel, surrounded by a small group of close friends and family, Mirka and I got married.

'It was a beautiful spring day and an incredibly joyous occasion. Mr and Mrs Roger Federer wish all of you a Happy Easter weekend.'

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Dynamic Duo?

We read 3 different kinda news today but they are all shocking and surprising (some are exciting ones) nonetheless:

1. The new Malaysian PM, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak (made and swore as the 6th PM last week) had lined up his new cabinet, some of which managed to remain in their Pak Lah's position since PR12.

Najib also retains his hold as the Minister of Finance and made Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin his DPM. The latter also acts as the Minister of Education.

But are they really the NEW dynamic duo? A force to be reckon with? A partnership sealed for the betterment of rakyat? I have yet to see anything as dynamic not since the pairing of Anwar and Mahathir when these two veteran politicians held the topmost positions. But they ended up being a volatile duo as the then DPM was sacked by his premier during his service nearly 11 years ago. And THAT was the beginning of the whole new Malaysia Boleh that led to political reformations and debacles, people doing public demonstrations and the dramas just kept going on and on, more twisting plots , wives with bigger hairdos and their men getting naughtier too.

Muhyiddin (right) shook hands with Najib

We will see how it goes.

2. The hooliganisms in Kota Bahru, Kelantan and a goalkeeper who was charged with an assault as he went berserk by punching in the face and stamped his foot over an opponent team player.


3. The UNCLEAR reasons of why Sirul and Azilah were sentenced to be hanged to death over the Altantuya murder case. They may or may not be the one who shot her and explode the body using a C4. But who knows kan who is/are THE real criminal(s) here. Altaltuya has her motives so as her killers. May Allah have mercy on Sirul and Azilah's souls and He Knows Best.

It is pretty much a Tamil Movie scene, this whole high profile case. If only someone or whoever or i dunno, if ever, took that Rajnikanth or Kamalhassan role (Raja Petra Kamarudin probably not yet a suitable candidate or a likely hero here but at least he made his point clearly that has risked his life) , hopefully the good will win (in style!).

May Allah continues to shower his bountiful blessings on Malaysia soil. Ameen.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

JAI HO!!!!

AR Rahman did it again in this masterpiece which has already won an oscar for The Best Song in the recent 81st Annual Academy Award from the best movie "Slumdog Millionaire":

They could've done it better using other more soulful singer but Pussycat Dolls seemed like the best they can settle for some commercial value, IMHO.

But I like it anyway.

Here is the original one in Sanskrit-hindi-urdu with some Spanish Rap:


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Weeeeeee!!!! Aztech Wireless Adaptor


Exciting innit when your desktop can be connected sans cable to the internet modem? To me it is, and for that, I thank thee AZTECH (and other few companies) who has come up with this Wireless Adaptor model WL851USB. Its so simple to install on the USB port and voila, I can now use my mobile and my laptop simultaneously via wireless connection.

Whats more awesome? I can use this adaptor for my laptop as well to increase the wifi reception strength. Quite handy this gadget.

Price I paid: Rm95.00 from a local PC shop at Jalan Reko.


I happened to observe a little gecko lizard of perhaps 1 week old or less trying to defend itself against 5-6 red ant armies at my car porch this morning. A full grown-up lizard would just happily catching those red ants with its long sticky tongue and swallow them in one big gulp to its heart content one after another without much worry as it is far bigger than them. But for poor young lizard, it struggled to keep those ants away from it no matter how feeble it was. Those ants seemed like they wouldnt let their "prey" get away that easily and so they made attacks left right and center and even managed to crawl over its tiny tail. Little Liz fought hard, really really hard. It managed to keep those predators away at bay for a while with all its might, till one TM (telekom malaysia) guy came to my house this morning and accidentally stepped on those ants and lizard mercilessly . He probably never really care whatever small things lying on the cement car porch. But there it was, little Liz, all squashed up head to tail! Soon there will be more and more ants coming forward to clean up the carnage and ultimately succeeded to secure a food supply for the day in the form of baby lizard flesh. Who knows what sort of a delicacies it might offer those ants, but being natural hardworking creatures , I presumed they are more than grateful to whatever type of food as long as its edible. Heck, they have also done some good thing to the environment by removing those bits of carcass off my place.

PS: I have been watching Animal Planet on Astro 556 and one time, the image of a bigger lizard (biawak -monitor lizard) swallowing a baby crocodile is still fresh in my mind. I guess no matter how ugly and gruesome an adult crocodile might be, its babies are practically meek and susceptible to being a prey for any hungry carnivor lurking near the river bank/swamp etc crocodile habitat. I have also seen on huge gecko lizard at my parents place some few weeks ago and it was like 10 inches or so long. One would wonder how it has survived all these while eating smaller insects off the wall and growing larger than its average 4-5 inches lizard mates.

That TM fella came with his other 2 technician mates came to check on my wifi modem as I lodged a report 2 days earlier having lost the internet connection. After a few tinkering and troubleshooting here and there, they somehow found the source of the problem (and that too after i talked over with them and all that fella said was he knew his job and he'd get it done) and went locating a Streamyx Main Port near a playground about 200 meters from my house. I asked them if thats TM way to help their customer solve their problem by keep sending in their contract technicians and all? They said thats how it works in TM and if one external Streamyx port got hit by the lightning, chances are other users may be affected the same. They replaced the faulty port with a new one (or whatever they claimed they did), and I got my connection back on.

Commiseration? Its FOC. Not complaining.