Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MSc or a PhD student wanted

I am looking for :

 ONE MSc candidate with a   chemical engineering MEng or BEng student, priority for the CGPA 3.0++ student, (CGPA of 2.85-2.95 also accepted  if he/she is fully committed)


 ONE PhD  candidate with a chemical engineering MEng or BEng (CGPA 3.70++  first class degree) or with an MSc degree

to carry out a project in catalysis , design and reaction engineering at the Dept of Chemical & Process Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment, The National University of Malaysia (UKM). Kindly please send me the CV to :manal@eng.ukm.my ASAP or before 30 September 2011.

A chemistry background graduate with passion to be involved in both chemical reaction and catalysis and reactor design is also acceptable.

You will be awarded with tax-free allowance of RM1600/month  for MSc candidate and RM1800/month for PhD candidate. Local or foreign (non-malaysian) students are welcome to apply.

Thank you.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

After a long hiatus on Maulidur Rasul 1432H (15 Feb 2011)

I am back to the blogworld and may be adding another new blog for the more academic use. It has been 11 months , thanks to the timing stamp on Mak Ji Esah's blog that I think it is time to begin another new chapter. That is another Maulidul Rasul 1432 H.

There has been so many things happened the last year , or since the last blog posting to be precise. One most significant thing is the meagre savings. I spent almost all my money on installing a new kitchen cabinet that I did not have much more to spend throughout the year other than paying bills, bills and bills (loans, credit cards, utilities, Astro, internet, you name it).  I was dried up on the kitty bank but I did not have much problems with people around me including my family. I had to be very careful with my expenditure that I avoided going to cinemas or most of the favourite pastimes that required money including travelling. Good thing I had one opportunity to attend an overseas conference in Adelaide, Australia, played with kangaroos there, took pictures with Osmond the Koala and was thought of as someone from Sydney or Melbourne i.e.  the 2 bigger, more metropolitan cities in the whole Australasia continent. 

I even did not manage to do much of clothes and shoes shopping last year, and dont even ask on shoes or handbags, except necessities. My 2010 was spent more on KPI, publishing more journal papers, etc etc academic stuff, and in between, enjoyed whatever little I had.  My personal life seemed to be heading to another level last year but it ended up in the last week of December with an absolute expiry date 01-01-2011. There goes the on-off 3 years relationship. Banished saved for good memories.

A minimalist I was in 2010, that did not stopped me from acting and behaving like a diva whenever necessary or naturally. Sure I didnt have that much money but it never stopped me from sashaying around with whatever that I have in the most confident manner. And the good thing about living like 10mins away from your parents meant that you can come dine there more like a guest than a permanent resident. And THAT really saved me on the grocery shopping somehow.

As we are into the 46th day of 2011, I am slowly recovering my kittybank. My mother spent nearly a month visiting my eldest sister in Birmingham who is on a short sabbatical with her husband, attaching themselves with Warwick University where both earned their PhD degrees. Hosni Mubarak, the 4th president of Egypt has just stepped down on 11-02-2011 after 18 days of demonstration by the Egyptian people mostly held at Tahrir Square in Cairo. Faculty dinner was held on 21-01-2011, Friday  at DECTAR, UKM, with Arabian 1001 night as the theme.

And for the last 11 months, I  became more and more redha (accepting whatever destined for me by God).

Lets all give salawat to our greatest most revered prophet Nabi Muhammad (SAW) on remembering his birth day: