Friday, February 27, 2009

Busy dan Malas

What can i say about the subject above? Not an oxy-moron, but close to describe why the lack of updating in this blog. I have got like banyaakkk giler benda nak buat yet that wasnt the premier excuse pon.

U see I blog most of the time at home. And in the 1st week of Feb, well basically on the 1st day of February to be exact, we saw Roger Federer crying his heart out losing to to his old rival Rafael Nadal AGAIN at Australia Open 2009.

I've saved most of the piccies in my office desk top, but then again, i SELDOM blog in my office. I could do it during the weekend though but my weekends seemed rather occupied in this month. So I'll do Australia Open stories later la yea.

And in that 1st week of Feb, we had this awful heavy thunderstorm that at one point my home ADSL broke down once more after serving me for nearly two years on a peace-of-mind operation as it was connected to the phone power-surge. But it gave up finally and went RIP. Supposed that I would go buy a replacement for it, but heck i didnt coz i dengan rasminya gave my Jaring broadband account to my 3rd brother while I installed Streamyx Combo at my new humble abode in Bukit Mahkota.

Yes, I got my own home wifi, woohooo!!! However, I have NOT fully moved into that house yet. I spent like a few days a week there and had sleep overs on weekends too and that was the only time I got hooked on the wifi. Hence the slow update. Hence the malasness.

AS a regular Facebooker, I would usually write an update note on meself there. Its quite convenient and I dont need to make it wordy pun....just scribble few things and voila, i am in contact with the world so to speak. I even advised a few friends already to join FB if they wanna keep in touch on a more regular basis pasai apa, i pon malas nak email2 orang dah (except for official reasons).............

Sekian kisah orang busy yang juga suka bermalas2.

Oh and by the way, my 3rd bro, he bought a wifi router for our home a couple of days ago and managed to get us connected again esp if we are on our laptop. Come to think of it, I should then think of getting a USB wifi adapter or something to that effect so i dont need to connect my desktop to a LAN (ethernet) cable. I just googled it just now and D-Link has that sort of item. That way I can do jobs on my lappie and desktop while both are simultaneously connected to the wifi. Save the hassle of having cables winding around your desk and floor innit?

I was also wondering how many ladies out there who knows what an Allen key is aka hex key? I just bought a set of wrenches (aka spanners) and an adjustable one n liking it. In a few months time, i would like to own a Bosch drill but I need to learn to handle and use it correctly soon, and i might just gonna ask my contractors to give a demo and short lesson on it. A natural engineer as I am, there's just something about learning DIY that made me wanna try doing it.