Tuesday, February 22, 2005


snow turun yeay...snowing....yeayyy....ok...cheesy but aint give a fuck on that....snowfall always give me some kinda cheap thrill...nostalgic too...those white fluffy thingy....

Monday, February 21, 2005

Siti nurhaliza does solo concert at royal albert hall

Siti nurhaliza's another triumph, check it out at:

royal albert hall

Siti's fan all around malaysia, indonesia, and among those who dwells around the world must be really proud of siti's latest achievement in getting the opportunity she has long sought to perform at royal albert hall, london. To those who are studying or has studied at Imperial College London, this royal albert hall is pretty much significant as one of the college's remarkable neighbouring tourist spot as well as one of the oldest london landmark. It is also where the college graduation day takes place.

Back in 1989, Allahyarham (late) Sudirman Majid won his asia's best performer title there....almost everytime i walk pass the building, some sudirman's song came into my mind...and now, it could also be siti's monumental nostalgia....In fact, siti did perform a tribute concert for sudirman few years ago, singing his songs on solo and duets and even donning his famous jalur gemilang, the national flag costume.

I have met her in person once 2 years ago, and took picture next to her as well...Evidently i am not one of her ardent fans, but i have my sincere respect and admiration for her for having achieved a successful singing career at youthful age and created a strong niche in malaysian entertainment genre.

Bloggers to the rescue

How important it is nowadays to be more computer, in particular, internet savvy these days:

Global blogger action day called (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4278241.stm)

One Giant Kyoto Protocol-spoiler

And they say they rule the world....how scheming and conniving is that....

Kyoto Protocol comes into force (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/4267245.stm)
Malaysia's uncivil civil servants (ref:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/4283401.stm)

Hmmm.....opening another can of worms or another "forced" way of educating these people....i wonder.....
An informative article: Islamic encounters of the third kind


Ronnie O'Sullivan wins again & Beckhams 3rd son

Ronnie O' Sullivan has done it again, this time winning his second snooker masters champion...yeayyy!!!! http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,3-2005081964,00.html, http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,4-1493759,00.html

Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham just gave birth to another baby boy named Cruz , in Madrid....lucky david beckham to have bestowed with 3 healthy boys. I wonder which side of his physique wud he "carve" another tattoo for the newborn.http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2005082033,00.html

late valentine flowers

Last thursday eve, arif came and presented me with a bouquet of roses as a...well...late valentine i supposed and also (most probably) as a "token of apology" (hows that sound? cheesy or what...)...it did cheer me up somehow....plus the fact that it's been ages since a guy gave me flowers...the last one i got was on my bday last year given by my frens as a bday gift. He wore his traditional bengali costume that eve, a black one...

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

the wedding in birmingham

Friday, 4th Feb 2005, maka terciptalah satu sejarah (another history was created), both my friends got married in birmingham. The guy was my admirer and the lady is one of my block mates. After only two months they knew each other, they finally agreed to tie the knot on that friday....actually it was supposed to be on the next day, saturday afternoon but the imam had to rush to yemen for some urgent reason that he had to change the nikah date.

I cudnt make it to the nikah ceremony as it was at 4pm in birmingham and i already bought a coach ticket for 6pm outward journey. Anyways, when i arrived, i went to my eldest sis, amirah's place 1st with aishah who happened to travel together with me from london. After dinner, yazid the groom came to pick us up to his place where all of us gather (meeting point). Waheedah and hanis were already there, just resting down while azizah was serving supper (more likely to me) to us (me, aishah, fiza, waheedah and hanis). We all slept in yazid's small room. I cudnt help but was a bit "amazed" by the condition of the house....surely, it's for the cheap rent and acts as a basic shelter only....

The next day, after a lovely breakfast, prepared by azizah, meehoon goreng with sotong and taugeh, we decided to go to the city centre together to buy azizah's bridal shoes and bag. More of azizah's frens came that day. Waheedah and hanis left around 5pm back to london that eve coz they had another farewell party to attend to on sunday afternoon. So, it was down to me,fiza and aisha to continue searching for the items and finally we found the ones we liked after like 3 hrs.

That saturday evening, sbb tak mandi lagi that day and also coz i must spend some time with my sis's family, so i called abg isa to pick me up and stayed over their place. We had roasted chicken and doner kebab for dinner that eve....and of course a nice hot shower.

Sunday morning, i got ready for the wedding reception. Yazid picked me up from my sis' place to his place, and we all got ready from there...we helped azizah with her wedding dress and makeup. At around 1.30pm, we all left to the reception venue which was around 10mins drive away. When we reached there, people were already waiting for us...sambutan agakla meriah...the food was superb , far from my expectations...It was really my 1st time ever attending my own fren's wedding in the UK. I sat at the main table, together with the bride and groom...Fiza was her pengapit and me, hasmy and zila were azizah's bridesmaids...funny,the pengapit and bridesmaids are all unmarried, or shud i say "old"maids..hehehe.....oh well....

I left on that sunday evening, feeling rather satisfied (what with all the lovely makanan pengantin and wonderful reception) and tired. I am really happy for both the bride and groom.

Wedding photos :
1. Courtesy from Aishah Rehan
2. Courtesy from Fiza