Saturday, March 12, 2005

steel fortune: Lakshmi Mittal's story

Forbes has just renewed its billionaire list and one of the newcomers who hit the top-ten list, 3rd after bill gates and warren buffet is an indian steel tycoon, lakshmi mittal. Read more in Forbes about Manal Ismail as the future Billionaire.....

zero gravity roti canai, please

BBC representative in malaysia reported about how malaysian astronauts cannot "survive" without having their food in the outerspace. Local favs like roti canai has underwent some "thorough" research on how to have it eaten at zero gravity.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Good london websites

If u wanna search on whats going on in london, click on London town

You may also wanna look at and you'll get email updates when u register with them for free. and offer a comprehensive UK map just by typing in the postcode or the name of the street of the adress.

Of course, we need to know about updated london weather and transport conditions and so, you may check them at Transportforlondon and BBC Weather , ITV weather , Channel4 weather and SKY weather.

Comprehensive dictionary list is a one-stop dictionary search with links to, cambridge dictionary, merriam-webster's online dictionary, MSN Encarta, and etc. for eg. if you type in the word "blog", you will find list of definitions and links to other dictionary websites. It also offers links to business, science, medicine, slangs online dictionaries and above all, it is FREE.

My frequent islamic websites

These are the sites that i normally visit:

1. Islamicity
4. AlJazeera

And as for prayers time, I normally go to:

1. Islamic finder
2. Islamic Cultural Centre , thats in Regents Park, London.

Good computing site

I like these two sites, and would recommend anyone to have a look:

2. Computer shopper

Mikal and I

Our friendship began approximately 3 yrs ago, but we only got to know each other much, much better since 2 and a half years ago...When i first arrived in imperial college to do my PhD, he was already in his 2nd year PhD and he was still trying to recover from his father's death. We met through mutual friends, which are also our circle of friends...they are lina (petlin), sue (pet aya), hekarl (pet bulu), zamri (legam aka abg am), and mikal (or i sometimes call him mimmy).

We became rather close after this silly misunderstanding on a Circle Line tube on our way to bayswater.

I'll continue with my story on him later on.

Thai and Malaysian women socio-economy power boosted

The Star has reported that Thai and Malaysian women are approximately on a par with their male counterparts in socio-economic level with respect to their countries. The survey was conducted by MasterCard International in conjunction with the International Women's Day today (Tuesday, 8th March 2005).

Michael Jackson Trial

Whether he is guilty or not, God knows. Nonetheless, it never fails to attract the world attention since 1993.

UK main links to Michael Jackson Trials:
1. The Times Online
2. Guardian
3. BBC
4. Yahoo! UK

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Fat Actress

Weight problem? underweight? overweight? .....Kirsty Allen of Cheers and Look
Who's Talking fame has her own story which turns into a sitcom called Fat Actress. It will premier in the US next Monday, 14th March 2005 (reuters ) and it will feature some famous hollywood celebs like John Travolta and rock singer Kid Rock.

Some of the highlights includes fat men and skinny wives which will definitely incite mixed reviews and literally delivering some slaps to the hollywood husbands.

Monday, March 07, 2005

News bits

Anti-muslim in european countries as a result of the infamous 11th September 2001 WTC bombing incidents has always been debatable topic among EU countries. More story on BBC news.

One example of Mossad's successful intelligence: Tzvi Milchman .He managed to capture Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann,where he was put on trial in Jerusalem and hanged in 1962. That reminded me of another famous Mossad-trained lady,Cheryl Bentov who lured Mordechai Vanunu, the nuclear plant whistle-blower to Rome before he was drugged and sent back to Israel to face trial and was sentenced for 18 years prison.

BP is expanding their oil exploration in Indonesia.BP has seen profits boom in recent years, driven higher by record crude prices and greater investment in exploration. Annual profits in 2004 jumped 26% to $16.2bn. Well, hopefully, Indonesia will benefit more from it and hence, a fair distribution of wealth for the Indonesian, esp after Tsunami catastrophy.

O immigrant workers, where art thou? Palm oil producers in Malaysia have began to voice their sheer concern ever since the immigrants have been ordered to return home.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Talk about prejudice at the expense of nation pride

General Knowledge:

What is a semite? A semite is a member of a group of Semitic-speaking peoples of the Middle East and northern Africa. Semitic is an adjective which in common parlance mistakenly refers specifically to Jewish things, while the term actually refers to things originating among speakers of Semitic languages or people descended from them, and in a linguistic context to the northeastern subfamily of Afro-Asiatic. (more ref on semitic: Semitic)

Ken Livingstone (controversial mayor of London) is unrepentable on his "anti-semitic" comment in which he maintained his refusal to apologise for likening a Jewish reporter to a Nazi concentration camp guard. He continued his personal bashing and voicing out his opinion at: comment ;

Therefore if someone is anti-semitic, he/she is also anti-arab, anti-jewish and those who belongs under the semite group. Then, we may be thinking of the whole "by-proxy practicing". Are we the victim of the world propaganda or just couldn't be bothered to find out or listen to different parties about what is actually going on around us. But on second thought, one needs to be open-minded and tries to avoid any prejudging under no circumstances while seeking the knowledge. One cannot afford to be biased and prejudiced and should not attempt to come up with unsolicited opinion when it comes to sensitive issues.