Wednesday, April 26, 2006

the moment i got my own broadband connection

24th april 2006 and i finally manage to access the internet on the new broadband Jaring connection....the days i have to wait....jumpering process from Telekom Malaysia , TM to Jaring IP provider....hmm...well it was worth it...Since my pc hasnt been connected to the internet for over 2 n a half years, i kept getting update messages from Windows.

The feelings is always different everytime u acquire/attain something on ur own efforts....

Friday, April 07, 2006

windows for Mac users?

Is Apple Mac finally succumbs to the more dominating OS, Windows? Newsflash on IHT ( Operational harmony: Apple opens the door to Windows ) and BBC ( Windows on Macs provokes a stir ) would give different kind of perception and impression on peopple (particularly the more computer savvy), be it welcoming, rejecting, or suspicious.

While such a strategy of introducing a software aptly called "boot camp" on intel running Mac would enable the switching between the Mac and Windows XP OS, its running efficiency is yet to be announced. Apple is reportedly saying that they would implement this virtual "union" by early 2007.

I am very sure right at this very moment, there are plenty of comments on this issue are published in the blogs. I myself would feel that this Mac-Windows comply could facilitate many mac users in terms of upgrading and downloading different versions of softwares from the internet. It may not be a good idea after all for a Mac-fanatic, but in the long run, it could do more good than harm.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

london high street business "gossips"

And u dont just make novels like the "shopaholic series" if it isnt about shopping around london.....u need to spend like the whole weekends to find what u really want and it comes in all sizes...!!! i mean shoes and clothes and what not....unless u r 6ft 6" and above....then u need to find ur own tailors...or of course if u r thinking of wearing something traditional like baju kurung or salwar kameez, then tailoring is what u must seek.

The latest news about high street shop is that Dixons is going to be part of Currys soon! Nevertheless, dixons will still remain as an online shop. Click here for the news.

Shopping for me in the uk covers not just the clothing/fashion aspects but also everything....u get to see a transparent competition be it supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda as well as rental car companies and etc.....

Speaking of all that matters in the UK, i must also get engaged to the malaysia biz is definitely another dog-eat-dog world...except for one thing i cud not help but notice the trend: the ever-so-dubious housing developing sectors, road constructions and many more businesses out there who wanted to reap the profits as fast as possible without much care about how EFFICIENT and SAFE it will be to the consumers. Dont u just hate such menacing activities that are happening in your own country???? Money here involves laundering with political influences with their own so called hidden agendas....The good thing is the raw material, basic household grocery product prices are well monitored. U see much worse business scenarios if u go to indonesia (for example!)...

OK fuhgedaboudit ( written in NYC mafia talking style)...lets go back to UK biz gossips which are far more healthier even if they are as mindboggling as ever and full of labyrinthical strategies (or stratagems)....u even see television celebrities change TV channel if they get higher pay or working with more than 2 channels whichever suits them.....U get to see prices axed in the supermarkets, flight tickets, and so on....u see crude battle of providing the best services among mobile and landline telephone companies, and many many more....hell, i cud write forever, but let me just say in the nutshell that such a business environment is a non-stop evolution....or so they say, tell me something i dont know....