Wednesday, August 24, 2005

sultan brunei's second wifey

Hmmm.....delectable or just another bigamy practiser...lucky TV3 personality, azrinaz mazhar hakim has just become the sultan of brunei's 2nd wife...talking about being a multi-billionaire heiress....(report:telegraph , berita harian, utusan)

Friday, August 19, 2005

Letters of "who speak on behalf of british muslims" and GAZA reality check

Ready with ur fan/air-cond switched on! Letters published in the The Independence

Maybe I read too much of Robert Ludlum's novels...but I could not help myself reading and pondering about the too many conspiracy theories ever since Homer's Iliad: Troy. An interesting opinion on Gaza reality check from IHT is just one of the millions opinions unbiased and backed with unambiguous reasons. People like Dan Brown who captured many people on his theories regarding Da Vinci Code...controversial it is undoubtedly, but it is fascinating indeed. Then, i was thinking of reasons why some people had the nerves to discuss on such sensitive matters, when they obviously have their own hidden agendas. More than a decade ago, books like Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie has been and still is provocative especially to the practised muslims. That and the london bombing episodes happened because of the angry and frustrated people (can i say openly that they are muslim to the muslim hardliners without getting some bashes? I think better not. I'm simply a humanitarian muslim praying for peace and harmony and mutual understanding at least 75% on earth). What is the difference between you muslims attacking other people who disregard u and those christians and jews who blamed anyone other than themselves for any atrocity?

So some say justice is to be avenged, pay blood with blood and stuff. Well, what can i say, this world aint becoming a utopia, far from approaching it. The best deal is to find any possibility to reach some kinda equilibrium point or a buffer point. Happy living in a cynical world!

The vindicated one: Mr.Anwar Ibrahim

The ones where he won the libel case:
USD1.2million richer ; guardianreport ; RM4.5m banked in

He won apologies from ex-inspector general rahim noor earlier this week: infamous black-eyed "peace" ; from the guardian and from the BBC

Never ceased to surprise me...

of cockroaches and muslims

Londonistan? what those french journalist has to say: muslim are not cockroaches

More interesting thoughts about muslim polemics around the world:

A controversy, really? : fatwa feud

So, every religion has its own hardliners, extremists, what else is new?? : another muslim-hindu epic in mahabhrata

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sandhurst, 12th August 2005

(i wrote this on the 17th jan. I had to delay it due to inevitable circumstances).

This is the 1st time ever i've been in an army academy....never been to one in malaysia, and i premiered my visit at the Sandhurst Military college down in surrey. It was actually for the graduation day of a fren, faiz, who was introduced by azizah. I went there with his family, abg iberahim, kak zu and his baby sister, hakimah.

It was really a new experience all together for me....having had the opportunity to be in a place of long military history both for the royal england family as well as for the malaysian elites dated back as far as pre-malaysia independence time.

To make it more eventful, the current malaysian sultan was given the honour to officiate this graduation ceremony. The national anthem, negaraku was played as the main anthem next to the UK's God save the queen and our own national flag was erected on the main pole. Bit of a patriotic feelings there i hafta say....

Monday, August 08, 2005

gone is the famous muslim daiee

Sheikh ahmad deedat passed away today (islamonline)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

march to June

Mostly busying meself with thesis writing not so much of a story to tell except been listening to my fren, azizah's problems...

july 2005 story

Coming soon.......