Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Last raya aidilfitri as a student!

Now I am officially a PhD degree holder, alhamdulillah....I defended my work, did the viva last 5th oct 2005 and now i can actually address myself as Tengku Dr.Manal Tengku cool is that.

And more, i celebrated the eid (3rd nov, 1st shawal 1426) with a new different be honest, i didnt really get that "excited" once they announced to me (i.e. the internal and external examiners) that i've passed my was more liek a relief then....after that i fell sick for nearly 2 weeks! My blood pressure rose high esp the diastolic one and i got into the hospital one saturday 22nd oct during ramadhan.....luckily , my other organs and overall body system are still functioning like normal except the hypertensive i am on this beta blocker pill, atenolol, to help minimise thus reduce the diastolic pressure back to the healthy, normal was a bit scary i must admit....what with heart palpitation, body temperature had risen to fever level and so on.....They did all the basic test on me, like temperature taking, mammogram for blood pressure, ECG for the heart, urine and blood tests as well as X-Ray for the chest....the only thing left now is kidney, renal X-ray....i think it's basically a breakdown body indicating me the extreme fatigueness....good thing it happened after my viva....though i still have to do some minor correction on my thesis.

I celebreated eid, doing the normal routione like eid prayers at malaysia hall on that thursday morning, 3rd nov, and then followed by visiting my fren's fren place. After that i went to the NHS ar south ken for the followup. Then i went on me own to Hicom's place in hampstead heath. Friday, i am off to birmingham, berkompol raya dgn kakak and adek perempuan's family there. I came back to london yesterday, monday.

Oh well...alhamdulillah i am getting much better now...i still have to watch my salt intake per day as a precaution.