Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MSc or a PhD student wanted

I am looking for :

 ONE MSc candidate with a   chemical engineering MEng or BEng student, priority for the CGPA 3.0++ student, (CGPA of 2.85-2.95 also accepted  if he/she is fully committed)


 ONE PhD  candidate with a chemical engineering MEng or BEng (CGPA 3.70++  first class degree) or with an MSc degree

to carry out a project in catalysis , design and reaction engineering at the Dept of Chemical & Process Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment, The National University of Malaysia (UKM). Kindly please send me the CV to :manal@eng.ukm.my ASAP or before 30 September 2011.

A chemistry background graduate with passion to be involved in both chemical reaction and catalysis and reactor design is also acceptable.

You will be awarded with tax-free allowance of RM1600/month  for MSc candidate and RM1800/month for PhD candidate. Local or foreign (non-malaysian) students are welcome to apply.

Thank you.


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Al-Manar said...

No age limit! So I am qualified but I have nothing else that smells chemistry. On the other hand if only I am allowed to use my son's piece of paper from IC (in chemical engineering too!) I may get through with 'inside' string. And he does not need the paper any more than whatever paper I earned myself fifty years ago.

I haven't a clue how I got to this blog. But I ought to have the courtesy of leaving at least a light-hearted note- and salaam.

I enjoy reading your well written blog as my skin is seriously and chemically allergic to whatever is written in 'rojak Malay' or what I call 'bastardised English'.

Salaam and all the best to you, Dr Manal.