Thursday, May 03, 2007

Beatles and John Lennon

My favourite Beatles song:

1. Hey Jude:

2. Love me do:

John Lennon's Imagine, one of the greatest songs of all time:

IN remembrance to the dream that i had with all the fab-four lads. Amazing how i could actually being literally sent all the way back when you four were famously known dressing in those jumpers (re: Love me do clips). I didnt think that hard to get into such dream but God made it happen. I got to speak to John himself and a little bit to each of the rest including Macca. Amazing how i got to see those rift moments between John and Paul as if I was actually really there. I am not some kinda big fan or anything but i do adore them and I have been silently admiring John Lennon himself. This dream occurred 3-4 years back and it was certainly one of the unforgettable dreams I have ever had in London. I remembered waking up in the morning getting ready to college all smiling and contented. It was surreal but it sure felt like magic.

To Babe, u've got a bit of Lennon's look.

To John Lennon, you died when I was a toddler. RIP dear (virtual) friend.


~ GAB ~ said...

Thought I was tagged or something? I couldn't find it where.

Anyway, nice to visit your blog. Sorry for not coming in for long.

Rest assured, I read the past entries as well.

Have a good day....

Next stop will be... err... I have to figure it out

Manal said...


The tagged message is in the "five nostalgic songs when i was 18" entry.

Always my pleasure to have u bloghopping here.

~ GAB ~ said...

Awhh.. Okay, I'll try to come up with it MANAL. I even have another tag due from NJ. Well, I am trying to be a good sport here but time is so limited lately. I'll try.

Hi&Lo said...


Honoured by your warm and gracious welcome to your blog.

Well, my singing talents limited to torturing the ears of friends who forced me to sing. (^^)

Manal said...

Sir ,

No worries, no pressure. U can always do them at ur own sweet time.

It goes to show that our fascination on reading your entries remains consistent.

Manal said...

Hi&lo ,

Glad to have u around any time!

Thats good right? they forced u to sing and u retaliate by torturing their eardrums instead. Sounds awfully clever to me!

david santos said...

Viva Lennon!
Thanks for you work, and have a good day.

Manal said...

David ,

My pleasure.

Indeed, Lennon has left us with such a great legacy in the music industry.

TJ said...

beatles forever ...check out my classic rock. tq

Manal said...

Hey tj ,

It mustve been part of your growing up, those classic rock songs. Thanks for dropping by!!

By the time i clicked ur website, that stevie nicks song reminded me of Jack Black's movie: School of Rock.